Month: September 2002

  • Utility Stocks – September 2002

    One of the most confounding aspects of the bear market is the collapse of stocks that were seen as safe. I am not referring to GE, which was known to be playing games with its accounting and was selling at much too high a price, but specifically to utility stocks. The collapse would not have been a great surprise if investors had understood the extent to which utility companies had turned away from their conservative past and gone off in speculative directions. The stocks are down so much that they probably offer one of the best opportunities in the market, but figuring out how to act on the opening is difficult because the condition of the companies is up in the air.

  • New Zealand Fly Fishing

    New Zealand Fly Fishing

    New Zealand Fly FishingThese photographs were taken by Finn Stinson, operator of “Finns” fly-fishing guide service out of Christchurch, New Zealand, which specializes in fishing for brown trout and salmon. Finn and his brother Ru were world class fly fisherman who had fished in New England, Argentina, Alaska, British Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and countless small streams and river all over the world. The brothers tragically passed away in 2004 in a single car accident while traveling back to Alaska after fishing for Steelhead Trout on the Babine River in British Columbia. They are sorely missed by their numerous friends around the world.

  • Nirvana, Well Burma Anyway

    Nee said, “I am suffering very much in my life, mum.” I know, I know, I thought–appropriate choice of words for being in Yangon (Rangoon): “suffering.” We are in a Buddhist country…Buddha and the Eightfold Path. You suffer through life–since need or want creates unhappiness.

  • 12 Pounds, 26 Inches, 1 Passport

    From the moment I learned that my six-week old son needed a passport for an upcoming trip to France, I knew that his mother, Beth, and I were in for a steady diet of headaches and laughs. The process, which I hope is near completion, has indeed provided us with both.