Month: December 2002

  • Tortola – British Virgin Islands

    Tortola – British Virgin Islands

    Tortola British Virgin IslandsPhotos from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

  • Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands MapMillenia of immigration of Melanesians, Polynesians, Asians, Micronesians, and Westerners has made the Solomon Islands one of the most culturally rich island nations in the world. With thousands of small villages still espousing age-old beliefs and practicing ancient customs, locals are generally more than happy to allow you access to their land and entrance into their unique world, as well as help you find your way around the many small islands and vast lagoons that make the Solomons famous.

  • Finding the Heart of the Alsek

    Finding the Heart of the Alsek

    On every river you can find one place that’s so full of mystery, life, and beauty, that it’s like finding the very heart of the river itself. It may be a shadowy, swirling pool that reflects light in such a way, you could swear you were seeing into another world. Or it could be an easy bend where the rush has undercut the bank, and trees’ roots dip into the stream. They are images of every river, but something about that particular spot makes it seem different, unique, and inspired. On the Alsek, you’ll find that place after each turn.

  • Panama

    Panama has a checkered past, but as a modern country it runs one of the world’s most important waterways, the Panama Canal, and has built for itself a large offshore investing business. From its capitol at Panama City to its rainforests and rich coastlines, Panama is a beautiful land, but it suffers from increasing crime and an uncertain government.

  • Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

    Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

    Carlsbad Caverns New MexicoHere are some images of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.

  • A Weight Off Your Shoulders

    Backpacking has gotten more and more popular as a form of traveling, and for obvious reasons: for people going to multiple destinations, carrying gear on your back helps keep you mobile while having everything you need at arm’s length. But as more “nomadic” travelers are heading out in the world, the packs they carry seem to get bigger and bigger.