Month: July 2003

  • Cuttyhunk Island, Elizabeth Islands

    Cuttyhunk Island, Elizabeth Islands

    Cuttyhunk Island, Elizabeth IslandsPictures from Cuttyhunk Island, part of the Elizabeth Island’s, off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

  • Irish Hospitality

    The train was just arriving at the Drogheda station as the bomb went off. For obvious reasons, we would go no further that day… As news of the abandoned train spread through Drogheda, a medium-sized town less than an hour from Dublin, the townspeople began to make their way to the station.

  • The Valley of Paradise: Coamo, Puerto Rico

    There is a place in Puerto Rico where a panoramic view of Olympus-like mountains, veiled by the shadows of clouds, encircles a town of oft-neglected interest and history. It’s a place where lush greenery grows as far as the eye can see and the golden hands of the sun touch every street corner. This place is called Coamo, just a short drive south of San Juan and northeast of Ponce traveling on route 14. The tranquil valley in which Coamo rests is largely unaffected by the hustle and bustle of the major Puerto Rican tourist centers and appeals to those who prefer “the path less traveled.”