Month: October 2003

  • Untying the Lines, October 2003

    There we were, all three of us–my dad, Jen, and myself–lying in our respective beds. I was listening to the rain patter on the deck wondering thousands of things at once: “Did I forget anything?”; “Is it going to stop raining so we can get out of here in the morning?”; “Is this really the smart thing to be doing with my life, instead of slaving away behind a desk working for the man?” I didn’t know the answers to any of them. But I did know one thing: I was about to find out whether or not I was ready for this trip. Perhaps I should digress and go back a few days to when we were frantically getting ready to go.

  • Annapolis, Maryland

    Annapolis, Maryland

    Annapolis, MarylandHere are some images from Bumbre’s journey of Annapolis, Maryland