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Travel Outward Writers

The writers who contribute feature articles to Travel Outward are from all different backgrounds. Some are professionals while others just write for fun.

Peter Alfrey

Peter Alfrey lives in Needham, Massachusetts, and works in the Boston office of Ernst & Young LLP in sales and marketing. A native of San Bruno, California, he is also a graduate student at Providence College, pursuing a master’s degree in modern European history. Peter’s contribution to Travel Outward includes the article “Missing the Wicket in Search of Cricket,” about his hunt for a cricket match on the Caribbean island of Providenciales.

Evan L. Balkan

Evan L. Balkan lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, where he teaches English at the Community College of Baltimore County and where he is a student in the graduate creative writing program at the Johns Hopkins University. In the last thirteen years, he has set foot in over eighteen countries. Evan’s contributions to Travel Outward include the feature article “Irish Hospitality.”

Ieuan Dolby

Ieuan Dolby is from Scotland. He lives and works in Taiwan with his wife. For fifteen years he has traveled the world many times over as an Engineer Officer in the Mechant Navy. Now trying to dry out, he writes freelance for various maritime and technical publications.

Lori Guretzki

Lori Guretzki was born in Saskatchewan, raised in Alberta and now lives in British Columbia, Canada. She shares her love of traveling with her husband Joe and together they have visited such places as Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, Aruba, West Indies and many, many more. She is an Administrative Clerk in a large high school by day and a writer by night. Lori’s latest accomplishment is her published book, The Reluctant Traveler, an amusing and entertaining day by day diary of the trials and tribulations of holidaying in Peru, South America.

Liz Hopkins

Liz Hopkins is an international development consultant based in Boston, Massachusetts. She travels as often as possible and enjoys documenting her travel through photography. The photographic essay on Cuba is her first contribution to Travel Outward.

Kim Kroonenburg

Born in France to Dutch parents, Kim Kroonenburg spent her childhood being whisked away from one exotic location to the next. Writing became a means to stay sane. Kim has a Bachelor’s degree in environmental geography. She and her horse currently live in Mexico, where Kim studies Native American herbalism.

Stephen Linaweaver

Stephen Linaweaver is an environmental consultant, river guide, and writer from Baltimore, Maryland.

Alexander MacInnes

A native of New Jersey, Alexander MacInnes now lives and works in Littleton, New Hampshire, reporting for the Vermont newspaper, The Caledonian-Record.

Ben MacInnes

Ben MacInnes lives with his growing family in Greenwich, Connecticut. Having gone through a few unsuccessful experiences, he’s currently exploring more stable work opportunities. He has recently published articles in The Caledonian-Record and the business section of The Norwalk Hour.

Bianca Norris

Bianca Norris is a horror novelist from South Carolina who has had every job known to man, from a U.S. Army cook, to a probation officer, to working at a truck stop. Bianca’s goal? “I plan to travel the world … one word at a time.” Her contributions to Travel Outward include a feature article on Coamo, Puerto Rico.

Tracy Olson

Tracy Olson teaches high school English at a small school in Falmouth, Massachusetts. She is at work on a master’s degree in English literature at the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College, Vermont, and plans to start law school in the fall of 2003.

Andrew Schapiro

Andrew Schapiro is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and currently a student at Davidson College in North Carolina. He is studying in Paris during the spring of 2003. In addition to taking courses for his major in art history and brushing up on his French, Andrew plans to travel throughout Europe during his semester abroad.

Matt Scott

Matt Scott is currently a graduate student in Cardiff, Wales. He has spent several years traveling and working abroad in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. When he’s not on the road, Matt is either reading the latest travel books or trying to plan his next trip. Matt’s contributions to Travel Outward include an article and photographs from the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Christopher G. Shepard

Christopher G. Shepard is an avid traveler and writer who lives in Watertown, Massachusetts, with his fiancee and two cats. He works as a logistics manager, online English professor, and sports handicapper. Christopher’s contributions to Travel Outward include a feature article on the Republic of Georgia, as well as a Destinations page on the same subject.

Daren Stinson

Daren Stinson is a self-taught tax expert who, for many years, lived on Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts. She recently relocated to Durango, Colorado. To date, Daren has visited countries on six of the seven continents. She has contributed photographs from the U.K. and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as articles on the United Kingdom and Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico.

John Stinson, Sr.

John Stinson is a semi-retired investment counselor and a historian with a special interest in the battles of World War II. He is current written books about investing, history and politics, you can read more of his work at He lives on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, where he keeps an extensive library on the subject.

John Stinson, Jr.

John’s contributions to Travel Outward include an article on his travels to Newfoundland, Canada.

Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson, is a freelance journalist from New Zealand. Julie has worked with the Global Volunteer Network, a private, Non Government Organization (NGO) based in Wellington, New Zealand. GVN connects people with communities in need by supporting the work of local community organizations in countries through the placement of international volunteers.

Larry Watkins

Larry Watkins is a technical writer and novelist living in Los Alamitos, California. He spent his childhood around power boats and served as an engineer aboard a U.S. Army tugboat in Thailand during the Vietnam era. Larry began sailing in the seventies and has been a dedicated cruiser ever since. His first published novel, The Bangkok Blues, is available at More information about Larry and his to-be-released writing can be found at

Pam Weiant

Pam Weiant is a doctoral student of marine science at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her research interests include marine protected areas and the monitoring protocols related to them. She has spent six months during a two-year span working and living in the community of Baraulu in the Solomon Islands.

Shane Williams-Ness

Shane’s contributions to Travel Outward include an article on her travels to Burma (Myanmar).

Seth Zuckerman

Seth Zuckerman is chief correspondent for Tidepool News Service. His contributions to Travel Outward include “Lessons from Cuba: What Can We Learn from Cuba’s Two-Tier Tourist Economy?”, which was originally published on Tidepool’s Web site.

Travel Outward Contributors

At Travel Outward, we encourage people to contribute writing to many aspects of our site, including our Destinations and Travel Tips sections. Below are contributors to Travel Outward.

Gina Perry

Gina Perry is a freelance writer who loves to travel. She has travel extensively in South America and loves to spread the word about the wonder of the lively place.

Christopher G. Shepard

Christopher G. Shepard is an avid traveler and writer who lives in Watertown, Massachusetts, with his fiancee and two cats. He works as a logistics manager, online English professor, and sports handicapper. Christopher’s contributions to Travel Outward include a feature article on the Republic of Georgia, as well as a Destinations page on the same subject.

Marshall Schoenthal

Marshall is a strapping young lad with charm and looks that make the women of the world go crazy. He is an avid mountain climber, race car driver, helicopter pilot, and sailboat captain. After a five-year career as an astronaut, he discovered gold while on vacation in the Yukon. With his fortune he has opened a home for disadvantaged youth. Other interests include reading to the blind, abstract art, poetry, and bowling. His contributions to Travel Outward include his travel log while living and working in Bombay, India.

David Varner

David Varner lives in Idaho. He has explored North America extensively, with his dog Boone, and has visited Africa, Asia, and South America. David has been most fulfilled by reflections that other cultures offer on his own identity and culture. His contributions to Travel Outward include information on Bangladash; he is currently working an a feature article about his time living there.

Billy Whitridge

Billy Whitridge is resident of San Francisco, where he works in the finance industry. His adventures have taken him throughout the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific. His contributions to Travel Outward include a New Zealand Destinations page.

Travel Outward Photographers

Travel Outward wants to give photographers an opportunity to show off their work. We encourage you to submit your travel photographs for publication. Below is a list of our contributing photographers.

Finn Stinson

Finn has been a fishing guide now for 7 years. In recent years he has guided in Alaska, Argentina, Chile as well as New Zealand. Finn ties his own flies and is also a very keen photographer and enjoys producing his own fishing videos. Finn and his brother Rupert passed away on October 7th, 2004 doing the thing they loved best, fishing. They will be sorely missed by their family and friends around the world.

Alternative Arts

Alternative Arts organizes events throughout the city of London that highlight diversity, art, and culture. Their 2003 program includes a number of festivals taking place in the Spitalfields area, Brick Lane, Covent Garden, and beyond. They can be found online at

Jamie Schapiro

Jamie Schapiro is a San Francisco-based photographer and graduate of St. Lawrence University and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. In addition to being one of the official photographers for the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, he has also shot a wide range of other subjects, including material for a number of corporate clients. More of Jamie’s work can be viewed online at

Anthony Schweizer

Anthony Schweizer is an American residing in London. He has worked in production with National Geographic television and in marketing with Patagonia. Anthony is an avid traveler and has taken part in adventures around the globe.

Daren Stinson

Daren Stinson has contributed photographs from the U.K. and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. She currently resides in Scotsdale, Arizona.

Jeff Walpole

Jeff Walpole is the founder and managing partner of an information technology consulting firm in Washington, DC–a career that allows him to pursue his passions for travel and photography. His beginner’s strategy is to shoot locations that are stunning enough to stand on their own. His photographs of the Alsek River appear in our feature article on that subject.

Shala Salazar

Shala Salazar is an amateur photographer and writer who has traveled extensively in The Netherlands.