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  • Thailand’s Fire Shows

    Thailand’s Fire Shows

    On Ko Lanta an island in Thailand many of the bars and restaurants on the beach have kids performing “fire shows” on the beach.

  • Airport Security: Getting Through Airport Security Fast and Easily

    Airport Security: Getting Through Airport Security Fast and Easily

    After 9/11 airport security has tightened, and while the TSA continues to tweak the process to make it quicker airport security screening is here to stay. The people who can do the most to make this process quicker is the passengers. There is a lot more we as passengers can do to make this process quick and easy than the over worked TSA. Here are a few tips to make this process less painful.

  • Niagara Falls up close

    Niagara Falls up close

    Here is a close up view of Niagara Falls

  • Which side is the tank on!

    Which side is the tank on!

    Which side of the car is the gas tank on? This was a question I have asked myself since I learned to drive. Even in my on car I would forget between fill ups which side the gas tank was on. When I was rich enough to get a fancy car with one of those release handles next to the seat I would pop the handle and look into the side mirrors to see which side popped open.

  • Riding with “The Dog”

    Riding with “The Dog”

    A travel adventure to most people means a climbing expedition, a safari or similar experience. Mine was much more modest – and economical.

  • Honduras

    Much like its neighbor to the north, Belize, Honduras has a natural beauty and laid back lifestyle that makes it very appealing to travelers. Unfortunately, its restless political history and underdeveloped infrastructure keep most tourists away. The country was devastated by Hurricane Mitch, which hit in October of 1998, but relief efforts have helped renew the tourist interest in this rough but enticing country.

  • Nicaragua

    The Sandinista revolution is perhaps what most people think about when they think of Nicaragua. But as with so many other Central American countries, Nicaragua is a place rich with culture, sites, and opportunity for tourists. With the help of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the country has been trying to recover […]

  • Tende: French, But Not Really

    Tende: French, But Not Really

    Such a welcome from the French was unusual. We had just driven up along the French-Italian border from Nice and the Riviera, where waiters corrected our grammar and shopkeepers could not be bothered to utter a merci. Conversely, Tende seemed eerily pleased with our presence. For a moment we thought we had unknowingly exited France, and slipped over the border into the care of French-speaking Italians. Somehow this anomaly town called Tende, like the wild boar, had wound up on our plate.

  • Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar)

    For more than 50 years Burma (Myanmar) has been ruled mainly by dictators, rebel groups, and by people connected to the drug trade. Because of this, democracy has had a tough time finding a foothold in its society; those who try to introduce it are often faced with brutality and harsh punishment from the government. […]

  • Travel Tips – Airports

    One of the easiest ways to start your trip off right is to make sure you get to your destination smoothly. Since most people fly it is important to know a few things that will keep you safer and make your experince much more pleasant. If you have any ideas to contribute please email us.