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Tende: French, But Not Really

Such a welcome from the French was unusual. We had just driven up along the French-Italian border from Nice and the Riviera, where waiters corrected our grammar and shopkeepers could not be bothered to utter a merci. Conversely, Tende seemed eerily pleased with our presence. For a moment we thought we had unknowingly exited France, and slipped over the border into the care of French-speaking Italians. Somehow this anomaly town called Tende, like the wild boar, had wound up on our plate.

Trailing the Fall of France

When Germany invaded, the allies advanced to planned positions in Belgium, where they encountered, as expected, the forces led by Erwin Rommel, but while attention was turned toward Rommel’s division, the German Panzers led by Heinz Guderian unexpectedly arrived at Sedan on the Meuse, to the south.