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  • Thailand’s Fire Shows

    Thailand’s Fire Shows

    On Ko Lanta an island in Thailand many of the bars and restaurants on the beach have kids performing “fire shows” on the beach.

  • Trans-Siberian Railway

    The Tran-Siberian Railway is the ultimate rail journey, the longest in the world, possibly the coldest if you go at the wrong time of year, and the only rail journey that travels across two continents on a single trip, all while staying in the same country.

  • Silent Macau: Two Faces of the Macau SAR

    Macau is often described as a little paradise steeped in mixed history and culture. Large, imposing, centuries-old structures vie for space among the tattered remnants of cheaply built twentieth-century brick houses and towering modern glass offices. Massive and squat stone office buildings of the colonial era sit regally and steadfastly among haphazard stacks of steel girders, gray stone snubs orange brick, and the slate roofs keep out the rains where tin cladding has long since failed.

  • Nirvana, Well Burma Anyway

    Nee said, “I am suffering very much in my life, mum.” I know, I know, I thought–appropriate choice of words for being in Yangon (Rangoon): “suffering.” We are in a Buddhist country…Buddha and the Eightfold Path. You suffer through life–since need or want creates unhappiness.