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Airport Security: Getting Through Airport Security Fast and Easily

After 9/11 airport security has tightened, and while the TSA continues to tweak the process to make it quicker airport security screening is here to stay. The people who can do the most to make this process quicker is the passengers. There is a lot more we as passengers can do to make this process quick and easy than the over worked TSA. Here are a few tips to make this process less painful.

Which side is the tank on!

Which side of the car is the gas tank on?

This was a question I have asked myself since I learned to drive. Even in my on car I would forget between fill ups which side the gas tank was on. When I was rich enough to get a fancy car with one of those release handles next to the seat I would pop the handle and look into the side mirrors to see which side popped open.

Sharing Your Time

It’s not unlikely this will happen to you at some point in your life–whether they contact you through the mail, solicit by telephone or, like my wife and I, you make the grave mistake of entering in a “contest” at a trade show–you may one day have someone try to sell you a timeshare.

A Weight Off Your Shoulders

Backpacking has gotten more and more popular as a form of traveling, and for obvious reasons: for people going to multiple destinations, carrying gear on your back helps keep you mobile while having everything you need at arm’s length. But as more “nomadic” travelers are heading out in the world, the packs they carry seem to get bigger and bigger.

Quest to Discover the Beers of the Windward Islands

When looking for a beer in the Windward Islands, the choices are not as abundant as they are in the beer aisle up north. In the Windwards, the choices are boiled down to two types of beer: lagers/pilsners (like Budweiser or Labatt’s) or Stouts (like Guinness). This may seem strange to someone coming from the land of micro-brews and the marketing great invention “Dry” beer, but this is the land of the Pina Colada and Daiquiri; it is my guess that beer is not as big a concern (neither is wine, but that is for another time) as rum. Being very adventurous in all forms of barley and hop-type beverages, I looked forward to trying every beer available to me.