Month: December 2001

  • Antiqua, Leeward Islands

    Antiqua, Leeward Islands

    Photographs from the pink sand beaches and towering cliff tops of the Caribbean island of Antigua, from December 2001.

  • France

    France is the largest country in Western Europe, home to almost 60 million people. Ecologically, France has everything you could ask for, from snow-capped mountains to wonderful coastlines. The country’s history is present wherever you go: from Naploneon’s empire to the battlesfields of World War II, when you’re in France, you feel as though you are part of a living history.

  • Antigua

    This is beach country! Located in the Caribbean British Leeward Islands, Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda, all make up the single nation of Antigua & Barbuda. Antigua alone, being the largest of the British Leewards, claims upward of 300 beaches with plenty of room to bask in the sun, swim, dive, sail, and more. There are reefs and wrecks abound, for underwater exploration, as well as many sites on shore, for those less inclined to the water.

  • Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

    Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

    Martha’s Vineyard (adjoining the smaller Chappaquiddick Island) is an island off the United States east coast, to the south of Cape Cod, both forming a part of the Outer Lands region. It is often called just “the Vineyard”. With a land area of 87.48 square miles (231.75 kmĀ²), Martha’s Vineyard is the 57th largest island in the United States.