Month: July 2002

  • Great Britain, United Kingdom

    Great Britain, United Kingdom

    Great BritainPhotos of a trek around Britain in the summer of 2002. Photos of England, Scotland, and other areas of the United Kingdom.

  • South Africa

    South Africian MapAs apartheid and all that it represents becomes a thing of the past in South Africa, much of the country is moving forward with rejuvenated ideas, interests, and fair politics. And tourists are flocking back to South Africa in droves. Many of the dangers of traveling to this country have gone by the wayside: political violence is down, and with certain notable exceptions, touring the country is safer and more pleasurable than it was for much of the second half to the twentieth century.

  • Squam Lake, New Hampshire

    Squam Lake, New Hampshire

    Squam Lake, New HampshireThese pictures of Squam Lake were taken by Laurence Constable in the summer of 2002.

  • Solomon Time: Village Life in the Solomon Islands

    When I tell folks that I am conducting my graduate research in the Solomon Islands, the most common response is “Where on earth are they?” It’s because of this reaction that I am honored to have the opportunity to share with readers some my experiences living in this relatively unknown, but culturally and environmentally rich island nation.

  • Canada

    Just because Canada borders the U.S. doesn’t mean it is like the U.S. The eastern parts of Canada, such as Quebec and Ontario, are modern and sophisticated; while the west and north are still somewhat wild, and often seem untouched compared to the United States and Europe.

  • St. Lucia

    St. Lucia, which is one of the bigger islands in the Windward Island chain of the lower Caribbean, has done what most of the Caribbean islands have done after the tapering off of their once rich agriculture and exports industries: turned itself over to tourism. After the sugar industry collasped the islands of the Caribbean struggled to get by until airplane travel made visiting these once remote outposts just a few flight connections away. There are still some old fishing villages mixed in among the resorts and charter sailboat operations, but the main industry now is tourism and service.