Month: November 2002

  • Trailing the Fall of France

    When Germany invaded, the allies advanced to planned positions in Belgium, where they encountered, as expected, the forces led by Erwin Rommel, but while attention was turned toward Rommel’s division, the German Panzers led by Heinz Guderian unexpectedly arrived at Sedan on the Meuse, to the south.

  • Live Free or Die: Are New Hampshire’s Colonial Barns Merely a Thing of the Past?

    The covered bridge in Bath, New Hampshire is a sturdy reminder of reliability and the Congregational Church evokes a sense of strong neighborly bonds between community members. Still, another landmark of New Hampshire’s traditions is just down the road–off the beaten path. That symbol is the colonial family barn.

  • Rome, Italy

    Rome, Italy

    Rome, ItalyPhotographs from a trip to Rome, Italy in the fall of 2002