Author: Finn Stinson

  • Australia

    Australia MapAustralia is one of the world’s most unique natural habitats. Because it is isolated from most of the world, it has a wide variety of animals unique to its continent, and landscape that seems as impossible to live in as it is stunningly beautiful. It’s hard to justify trying to see all of Australia in just one trip. You will see some of the best beaches, experience some of the most inspiring wildlife, and meet among the finest people the world has to offer.

  • New Zealand Fly Fishing

    New Zealand Fly Fishing

    New Zealand Fly FishingThese photographs were taken by Finn Stinson, operator of “Finns” fly-fishing guide service out of Christchurch, New Zealand, which specializes in fishing for brown trout and salmon. Finn and his brother Ru were world class fly fisherman who had fished in New England, Argentina, Alaska, British Columbia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and countless small streams and river all over the world. The brothers tragically passed away in 2004 in a single car accident while traveling back to Alaska after fishing for Steelhead Trout on the Babine River in British Columbia. They are sorely missed by their numerous friends around the world.