Category: Europe & Middle East

  • France

    France is the largest country in Western Europe, home to almost 60 million people. Ecologically, France has everything you could ask for, from snow-capped mountains to wonderful coastlines. The country’s history is present wherever you go: from Naploneon’s empire to the battlesfields of World War II, when you’re in France, you feel as though you are part of a living history.

  • Italy

    Italy was the center of the world for much of early history; naturally, when you go there, you’ll want to immerse yourself in the past. Once upon a time the Italians were letting it all go to waste, but not any more. Now Italy has one of the biggest budgets in the world for restoration and upkeep of it’s historical buildings and artifacts. The problem is, there are so many pieces that need attention, it’s hard to keep up with it all. Whether they’re keeping the leaning tower of Pisa from leaning too far, or restoring a piece of renaissance art, Italy has more public historical treasures than most other countries combined.