Which side is the tank on!

Which side is the tank on!

This year I read an article (wish I could remember where I would credit them) which revealed one of the great secrets of the universe. That secret…

Which side of the car is the gas tank on?

This was a question I have asked myself since I learned to drive. Even in my on car I would forget between fill ups which side the gas tank was on. When I was rich enough to get a fancy car with one of those release handles next to the seat I would pop the handle and look into the side mirrors to see which side popped open.

Now no longer for thanks to the internet the question has been answered forever.

I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat, so I will tell you. Have you ever noticed that gas pump icon that is present on all cars fuel gauges. Have you ever wondered why the hell they have an arrow next to the fuel pump icon.

You guessed it that arrow is indicating which side of the car you fuel tank is located.

Problem solved, FOREVER!