Venezuelain FlagVenezuela is a gloriously beautiful country, and with almost 2000 miles of coastline, mountains, and jungle, there is something for everyone. Sites like Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, and Lake Maracaibo, South America’s largest lake, ensure that you won’t soon forget Venezuela’s natural beauty. This is a country of extremes–just check out the giant anaconda for proof; it’s the world’s longest snake, capable of devouring a 100-pound tapir, or even a human, in a single meal.

Traveling in Venezuela Venezuela
Venezuela’s government is in a state of disarray after the recent ouster, then quick reinstatement, of President Hugo Chavez. The situation in Venezuela continues to be unstable, and growing guerilla violence along the Columbian border only makes things worse. The United States, among other countries, has issued warnings to its nationals who plan to travel in Venezuela: it can be risky, and it’s best to contact your embassy for information and use caution if you decide to go.

Weather in Venezuela
The country’s climate is mostly tropical, temperatures range between the low 60’s and 90-degree range, depending on where you are. The verano, or summer dry season, lasts from December to April, and the invierno, or winter wet season, is from May through November. The dry season is the best time to travel in Venezuela, especially if you are planning outdoor activities such as hiking or beach activities along the Caribbean coast. Weather in the Amazon rainforest is, as expected, uniformly wet with no distinct seasons. Any excursions into the rainforest or on other major treks demand an experienced guide and familiarity with the environment (not to mention a sharp machete to clear your trail).

South America Venezuela Information
24,000,000 (est.1994)
Federal Republic
Square Miles:
355,700 sq mi (912,050 sq km)
Caracas (pop 4,608,934)
Official Language:
67% mestizo, 21% European descent, 10% African descent, 2% indigenous.
96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant
Major products/industries:
Petroleum, iron ore, cereals, fruit, sugar and coffee
Health risks:
Cholera, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, yellow fever

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